Carlo Navato | A Call To Arms For Curiosity


Carlo Navato
A Call To Arms For Curiosity

Design Obsessed Real Estate Developer

DO Wales 2014
Running time: 25m 43s

Filed in: Social Change


Carlo Navato is the visionary founder of Haxted Estates, a multi-award winning property developer who believes his success has come from being passionately curious. He believes he has no special talents, with the exception of his ever curious mindset. For him, curiosity leads to inspiration which leads to creativity which leads to you doing cool stuff.

Carlo Navato is a real estate developer with a curious mind and a passion for design, architecture and craftsmanship. Determined to make inclusive, inspiring places for people to live, work and play, he loves to challenge convention and believes that inspiration can be found everywhere. A Chartered Surveyor by training, he is happiest with mavericks in wild places and is a passionate photographer, and lover of books, vinyl, his VW camper van, sport and wine. He is a founding partner of the DO Lectures.


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