Carlo Navato

Design Obsessed Real Estate Developer

“Be curious. Curiosity leads to inspiration, which leads to creativity, which leads to doing cool stuff.”

Carlo has been making spaces of all shapes and sizes since childhood. Designing and building have been his lifelong passions and he began work in the construction industry straight out of school. He combined the learning from the rigours of life on building sites with a professional career as a Chartered Surveyor, before moving into the entrepreneurial world of property development in the late 1990s.

Having started out building workspaces, he founded his own business, Haxted, building residential apartments and houses, in 2003. Alongside building award-winning spaces, he provides strategic advice at Board level to a number of private and institutional investors.

Carlo is passionate about challenging convention and loves nothing better than finding new connections between seemingly unrelated things. Happiest with mavericks, preferably in wild places, he’s on a mission to build spaces with soul.


A Call To Arms For Curiosity
Carlo NavatoSocial change
Carlo Navato believes he has no special talents, with the exception of his ever-curious mindset. For him, curiosity leads to inspiration which leads to creativity which leads to you doing cool stuff. A multi-award-winning property developer, he is de...


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