Carly Heaton | One Big Fat Juicy Life


Carly Heaton
One Big Fat Juicy Life

Creative TV Drama Executive

DO Australia 2014
Running time: 19m 35s

Filed in: Creativity


We constantly make distinctions between work and play, but really it’s all one. Carly offers a blueprint for integrating these two seemingly separate areas into one big fun life.

Carly loves ideas and creating stuff, and loves talking to anyone and everyone who likes ideas and to create stuff too. She doesn’t think there should be a big distinction between work and play; a maxim she and her fantastic group of co-workers live and breathe.

Carly also works on two side projects with her partner Andy. The light bucket which helps bring local organisations & charities’ stories to life through content and 'In this order' a product and furniture design studio.

As well as appearing before the camera, Carly will be working her magic behind the camera, which DO Lectures Australia is mighty chuffed about.


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