Fergal Smith | Where Is Your Water?


Fergal Smith
Where Is Your Water?

Surfer and Environmentalist

DO Wales 2014
Running time: 16m 55s

Filed in: Environment


“You can’t really talk about it until you’ve done it. Speak your truth and create your community.”

Growing up on an organic farm with parents who are dreamers, Fergal found himself living an hour from good waves. His surfing has seen him travel all over the world. Fergal quickly withdrew from the global game when he began to feel the impact that his career was having on the environment. Pulling away from sponsors and settling down on his native Irish coastline, Fergal now devotes his life to the small farm where he and his friends and family grow organic vegetables. Running for the Irish General Election earlier this year, Fergal puts the land he’s lived on first; but always makes some time for a session or two when the swell is on his side.


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