Frank Escamilla | The Bus Stop Prophet


Frank Escamilla
The Bus Stop Prophet

Poet and Mentor

DO USA 2015
Running time: 18m 11s

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“The first day I jumped up at a bus stop and said a poem, I saw peoples’ faces change and it was beautiful."

Reading and writing saved him. He has learnt from his successes and failures and now assumes the role of a mentor for kids and offers them an alternative route, one full of inspiration and hope.

Frank grew up in East LA at his grandfather’s house with 7 others. Despite the lack of structure in his early years, his mom created a real sense of community at home, the philosophy ‘serve one another by example’ was a constant companion.

At 14 Frank knew he had leadership qualities, but he had no adult to direct him. At 14 he started a gang. One day the cops were handing out baseball cards, the next they were arresting Frank face down on the floor in front of his mother. Frank set about reading and soon realized there was more to life than gangs, violence and drugs.


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