Jim Riswold | Irreverence Justified


Jim Riswold
Irreverence Justified


DO USA 2011
Running time: 24m 31s

Filed in: Creativity


BUCKLE UP! Iconic ad man. Cancer survivor. Artist unplugged. The genius of the Riz. (Disclaimer — This talk contains strong language & nudity)

Jim is arguably one of the world’s greatest creative directors at the iconic and revered Wieden & Kennedy agency.

In 2000 Jim was diagnosed with leukaemia and given a year or two to live. Remarkably, a clinical drug works miracles and 11 years later he is as irreverent and provocative as ever.

Riswold retired from advertising to become a full-time contemporary artist, going from “a career of selling people things they don’t need to making things that people don’t want”.


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