Luke Pearson | Looking Back So We Can Look Forward


Luke Pearson
Looking Back So We Can Look Forward

Teacher and Creator of @IndigenousX

DO Australia 2014
Running time: 20m 26s

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Luke invites Australians to work together by recognising why it is important to embrace history to understand the causal relationship between past and present. Because what we think we do is often distinct from what we actually do.

Luke Pearson is an experienced and dynamic educator, creator and administrator of Social Media project @IndigenousX. In other words, he is a top dude who is passionate about Indigenous education, literacy, numeracy and identity.

Luke stands for credibility, experience and real results.

Asa social media advocate he has inspired many to implement or improve upon social media policies, strategies and campaigns.

In Luke, we are fortunate to host another lively and insightful public speaker at the inaugural Do Lectures Australia.