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Ross Hill
Doing What’s Next

Explorer of the Internet and Future Astronaut

DO Australia 2014
Running time: 24m 42s

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Virtual and physical travelling, wondering, and exploring is essential components in Ross’s quest to discover what’s on the other side. We all have our different maps and Ross believes by sharing our worlds we can bring a crowd together to achieve awesomeness.

Ross has been exploring the internet since it was something that made alien sounds from the end of your telephone line. What began as many hours of staring at green characters that lit up the dark room has also taken him across the world to see what’s on the other side. He always finds groups of people working together in communities to bring their ideas to life. Sometimes he brings new groups together too. As well as Melbourne’s laneways and Bhutan’s colourful mountains, this adventure has taken Ross deep inside companies such as Deloitte and Yammer where he helps rewire them for the connected world.

Ross wants his bio to say “Astronaut,” but the spaceships aren’t quite ready yet.