Daniela Papi-Thornton

Deputy Director of The Skoll Centre For Social Entrepreneurship

"We don't need more and more social businesses. We need more social impact."

Daniela has spent more than a decade designing and facilitating social impact education programs around the world. Her work has ranged from running a development education travel company offering student and teacher training, to designing leadership programs at the University of Oxford and serving as a Lecturer at Yale School of Management.

Her work rethinking social entrepreneurship education led to the design of a range of education programs, a tool called the Impact Gaps Canvas (now used at universities around the world), and a widely read report on Tackling Heropreneurship. in 2018, Learning Service, a book she co-authored, was published by Red Press.

Currently, Daniela is based in Boulder, Colorado. She has been a Lecturer at Watson Institute and Yale School of Management and is on the teaching team for a scaling impact course at Chicago Booth. She continues to work as an educator and consultant to a range of social impact organisations.


Rise Of Social Entrepreneurship
Daniela Papi-ThorntonSocial change
Daniela believes that there is something wrong with how we are educating young people to create positive change in the world - we need to move beyond our celebration of the 'Heropreneur'. And she should know. She was one. Her talk offers ideas for...
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