Stef Lewandowski | Why You Should Create Something Everyday


Stef Lewandowski
Why You Should Create Something Everyday

Hacker, Designer and Founder

DO Wales 2014
Running time: 20m 53s

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Stef Lewandowski is a hacker. A hacker that uses his coding skills to makes things better for you and me. Hacking for him is creative problem solving: Sketching with code is how he calls it. His life mantra is to create something each day. From those small daily experiments grow his most successful businesses.

Stef is a software developer, designer and startup founder. A hacker for short.

His work focusses on playful approaches to technology and its cultural, social and political applications. He playfully hacks on things that matter and lives by the maxim “create something every day”.

Stef is the co-founder of Makeshift - a digital product company where they’re building a series of useful web/mobile/tech products aimed at ‘giving a leg up to the little guy’.

Prior to Makeshift, he co-founded Aframe, a cloud-based video production platform, as the technical founder, he helped grow the company from two to over thirty staff, saw it through $10m of private investment and on to expansion in North America.


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