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Steve Larosiliere
Opportunity Knocks

Founder and President of STOKED

DO USA 2013
Running time: 29m 13s

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What happens when you give folks a chance? You get STOKED!

Steve Larosiliere is the Founder and President of STOKED, a youth development agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles that uses a combination of action sports (snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing), mentoring, and after-school programs to empower teens to be successful leaders in their community.

Through STOKED, Steve’s work has appeared in the New Yorker Magazine, ESPN, Huffington Post, Oprah Magazine, NY Times, Nylon Magazine, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and Transworld Business. STOKED was voted to the charity of the Week by Time Out NY and was voted to the NY 100 (100 most innovative businesses in NY).

In 2010 Steve was honoured as a Hometown Hero in New York and given the Mentoring Award for his work with New York City youth.


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