Will Parsons and Guy Hayward | Bringing The 'P' Word


Will Parsons and Guy Hayward
Bringing The 'P' Word

Co-founders of British Pilgrimage Trust

DO Wales 2016
Running time: 27m 57s

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"Things have moved. Things have moved in a way that we can’t foresee where they’re going, and it’s all great, but we still have that need. We still have to need to go back to what it is to be simply human."

Will Parsons and Guy Hayward are walking (and singing) their way ever-deeper into Britain on a quest to rediscover and refresh the pilgrimage traditions of this land.

Trustees and co-founders of the British Pilgrimage Trust, Will, and Guy believe that a renewed tradition of distinctively British physical/spiritual journey-making - open to everyone, with or without religion - could become one of the most powerful and important social movements of 21st Century Britain. 

They (and their mission) have appeared on BBC1, Radio 4, the Times, the Independent and the Spectator. They are currently writing their first book.