Youmna Chamcham | Imagination Can Really Trump Anything


Youmna Chamcham
Imagination Can Really Trump Anything

Community Builder and Co Founder of Live Love

DO Wales 2019
Running time: 18m 31s

Filed in: Social Change


“I see the same problems when I speak to New Yorkers that I love, when I speak to people in LA, when I speak to people in Paris, in Armenia, in Egypt everywhere we've lost faith in the decision-makers in ourselves and we are very scared of people who are different than us, people who are from other places in the world. Hurt, fear and anger have been determining the actions that we are all taking. How do we change that?”

Artist and designer Youmna Chamcham is interested in storytelling and community building. Fascinated with the internet and how we can use it to create services, audiences and tell stories, Youmna loves the magic that comes out of online communities. In 2012, she started Live Love Beirut. Before that, she spent most of her time acting and screenwriting for a TV show for kids called Mini Studio, and doing musical theatre.

The rest of the time Youmna can be found playing the piano, cracking autumn leaves in Paris or hiding on her Greek Island.


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