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Adam Lamoreaux, from East Bay, San Francisco, needed a tour of duty in the US Navy to discover his affinity for malt and hops. While in Perth, Australia, he discovered craft beers that were a stark contrast to the mass-produced varieties he drank back home in the mid 1990s. On his return to the West Coast, Lamoreaux realised the only way to enjoy beer was to brew it himself.

He left the army and began an internship at a local brewery before going on to become the wine and beer buyer for Whole Foods in Palo Alto, California.

By 2005, Lamoreaux was determined to start his own brewery, and he signed a lease at 95 Linden Street in Oakland. After struggling through four years of licensing red tape, he opened Linden Street Brewery in 2009.

The brewery is focused on bringing a lost tradition back to Oakland in a way that honours beer styles native to the West Coast and contributes to the revitalisation of the Bay area and its people.

In 2017 the brewery changed location and was rebranded as Oakland United Beerworks.


Full Steam Ahead
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With our DO USA talks held in a hop barn, it felt only right that we share the inspiring story of the resurrection and soul of artisan steam beer in the California Bay area. Brewer Adam Lamoreaux shares the story of the area’s emerging beer communit...
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