Adam Lowry

Method’s ‘Chief Greens Keeper’

"Why can't a role model come in a bottle?"

Adam Lowry thinks big. When he and his former roommate founded Method in 2000, their goal was to revolutionise the cleaning products category. Within two years, the eco-friendly brand had landed a big-name designer to create its distinctive packaging and had convinced Target to carry its products nationwide. In 2012, the company was acquired by Ecover to form the world’s largest green cleaning company, and Lowry started considering his next act. A couple of years later, he teamed up with chemical engineer Neil Renninger to form Ripple Foods, which launched the first yellow-pea-based non dairy milk into US markets in 2016. But non dairy milk is just the beginning for Ripple, and for Lowry, who has dedicated his life to using business as a force for positive change.


Why Can't A Role Model Come In A Bottle?
Adam LowryEducation
Adam Lowry shares his belief that business is our greatest vehicle for positive social and environmental change. As the founder of Method environmentally friendly cleaning products, he wants to make the lowest impact cleaning products you can buy and...
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