Alan Maskin

Designer and Architect

“Just pick up a pencil and start drawing.”

Alan Maskin is a principal and owner of Seattle-based Olson Kundig. For over two decades, Alan has pursued unconventional design challenges in public places.

His built international portfolio includes museums, installations, exhibits, visitor-based destinations and urban park projects and playgrounds. His conceptual work is comprised of narrative-based projects including graphic novels, the creation of sustainability prototypes, and film.

In recent years, Alan has won several design competitions including a new children’s museum in Berlin, and the world’s largest architectural ideas competition organised by Blank Space Projects. Most recently, Alan and the firm were selected to design the new Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Alan is currently leading the Century Project for the Space Needle, a historic renovation of Seattle’s most iconic landmark.


How Do You Innovate On One Of The Most Iconic Structures In The World?
Alan MaskinCreativity
Alan Maskin loves towers and the feelings of 'prospect and refuge' that they elicit. Here he talks about a 5 year project he has been working on - the redesign of the iconic Seattle Space Needle. There are design briefs and drawings, as well as an...
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