Claire Herminjard

CEO Founder of Mindful Meats

Claire Herminjard is a proud omnivore.

After learning that US livestock consumed over 70% of the corn and soy crops produced in the country, most of which are genetically modified, she founded Mindful Meats (Merged. Marin Sun Farms) in order to be a part of finding a trustworthy and healthy source of protein for our families.

Claire holds a BA in Public Policy Studies from Duke University where she had a focus on moral leadership. Currently, she is a volunteer with GMO-Free Marin, Slow Money Northern California, and is a mentor to youth through the Ashoka Youth Ventures Just Food program of 2011.

When not engaged in a project, find her catching up with friends and family, practising yoga, dancing and running barefoot.


The Proud Omnivore
Claire HerminjardFood
The fascinating journey of a maverick woman who believes we should trust the source. Being a proud omnivore and against the use of genetically modified organisms, Claire founded Mindful Meats in order to be a part of finding a trustworthy and healthy...
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