James Sills

Musician and Vocal Leader

"Singing provides an alternative environment to gather together and support each other."

James is a musician, singing leader, author and speaker who is on a mission to get people singing. Over the last decade, he has brought together thousands of people to sing at events and gatherings around the world, from choirs to conferences, from workshops to workplaces, from festivals to football stadiums.

He believes that singing is a fundamental part of being human, fostering deep social connections and wellbeing. He inspires people to sing with confidence and supports people to overcome individual inhibitions about singing.

His first book, ‘Do Sing: Reclaim Your Voice. Find Your Singing Tribe’ was published in September 2019 by the Do Book Company and is described by Cerys Matthews as ‘an open door to the joyous world of singing’.

James lives in the hills in North Wales with his family and vinyl collection.


In Singing We Can Find Our Tribe
James SillsWellbeing
James is a musician and vocal leader with a passion for bringing people together to sing. In this talk he challenges the common (but false) belief that singing is only for those with 'a good voice'. We hear about singing's power to bring joy, build c...


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