Meg Travis (Lobb)

Generalist. Creative. Farmer.

“It turns out that I should have thought about what a year of saying yes would mean when I first started.”

Meg describes herself as a professional generalist. On paper, she is known as a freelance creative from Cornwall. In reality, she is a farmer.

She previously worked with Sideways for two years to create 'The Challenger's Almanac', a book about doing business differently. She has also worked with Lily Cole in London to create 'The Impossible Shop', an online boutique that sells thoughtfully and ethically made products. Before that came a year of interning in Portugal and a degree in design which opened the doors to living and working in other countries.

In-between the gaps came a lot of travel, trips, and experiences built around making and sharing food that has shaped what Meg is doing now. Turning 500 days of adventure on some of the world's best farms into something called One Field Farm in Cornwall.


Year Of Saying 'Yes'
Meg Travis (Lobb)Creativity
What happens if you say 'yes' to everything for a year? Meg tells us of her adventures doing just that. The experiences she had, the lessons she learnt, the people she met.
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