Pam Weiss

Founder of Appropriate Response

As a little girl, Pam wanted to be an astronaut or a pop star. As she got older, those plans didn’t play out and after graduating from Wesleyan University, found herself sitting at a desk crunching numbers and writing reports for a healthcare consulting firm.

In 1987 she quit her job and spent 5 years at the San Francisco Zen Centre, Green Gulch Farm, where she sat for many, many, many hours in meditation.

She has since carried those teachings with her into her day-to-day life and become a recognised pioneer in integrating the principles and practices of Buddhist teachings into leadership development issues and concerns of our time.

Instead of exploring outer space and becoming a pop star, she has traversed the vast terrain of awareness and used her voice to spread this message worldwide.


Pam WeissWellbeing
Pam will share the teachings and impact of mindfulness in an accessible, down-to-earth practice that suits the unique issues and concerns of our time. An incredible introduction to the abundance that comes from being mindful and present. You will ne...
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