Rei Chou

Founder of Feast

"We are never going to fix anything until we heal each other."

Healer. Artist. Innovator. Rei's purpose is to create experiences that help people realise they’re part of something greater.

Named one of Fast Company's 100 most creative people, she is the founder of The Feast; a premier innovation gathering that has sparked a global movement. Since 2008, The Feast has hosted everyone from the CEO of MTV to NASA, facilitated over 600 events around the globe and sparked new ventures and campaigns.

Rei is also a Reiki master, KAP practitioner and co-founder of Enkarna Advisory, supporting leaders with personal and organizational alignment and health of mind, body, and spirit. She brings a systems view to help people achieve their highest calling.


Attention, Intention, Presence
Rei ChouWellbeing
It was the near death experience of her step father that ignited Rei's mission to become a healer. Here she talks of her journey from doing things from her head, to doing them from her heart.
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