Rob Jones

Co-founder of Flick

“Don't fall in love with the idea. Fall in love with the problem.”

Rob is the co-founder and CPO of Flick, a chat platform built specifically for sports influencers that allows you to turn your most engaged users into passionate fans.

Rob leads the creative team covering varied disciplines including UI/UX, brand identity and marketing communications. Flick is also currently working on another app called BitClout.

He is also the former co-founder of FanDuel, the worlds largest one-day fantasy sports site with more than 6 million registered users.


Understanding The Roadblocks
Rob JonesTechnology
In the early 2000s, two guys from wales moved to Scotland to start a billion-dollar company. That first company failed. As did the second one. But with an insatiable thirst for ideas and a commitment to agile working, their third company would revolu...
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