3 Zones For Maximising.

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Avoid the panic zone and know when to use your energy.

There are 3 zones: comfort, learning and panic. We are always in one of them, and the only way to navigate between them is to jump.

When we’re in the comfort zone, things are normal. Surroundings are familiar; habits are set. It’s not that life is perfect, it’s just known. It’s easy.

When we feel like there’s something more to do or explore, we jump.

If we land in the learning zone, things feel new and uncertain, but also exciting. Comfort is left behind. We don’t have all the pieces of what we’re searching for, but we can ask questions, set goals and test new habits. We can work with people and create new things.

But if we jump too far, we go straight to the panic zone. The place where things snap, vision blurs and logic is nonexistent. We can’t think straight when we’re overwhelmed. When we panic, we feel alone. We lose sight of the people around us.

The only way we can jump back into the learning zone is with help.

In order to shrink the panic zone, you have to push out on the walls of learning.

When you practice this, the comfort zone will expand with your confidence and opportunities. It will feel boring to stay here for too long.

The learning zone will also expand — not because you know less, but because you’re aware of how much there is to learn. Your curiosity will drive you forward.

And the panic zone will shrink because fewer things will freak you out.

Tip: Maximising your energy means knowing when and how to rest. The best way to do this is to get 7.5 hours of sleep, and wake up at the end of a 90-minute sleep cycle (hence the 7.5).

Another important step is establishing a habit of getting up early. It allows you to start your day with focused time and energy.

When it comes to waking up early:

Go to bed at the same time each night.

Gradually change your wake-up call, instead of jumping straight from 8am to 6am.

Remember that energy-drops are normal in the first couple weeks, and if they do happen, take a 20–30 minute nap.

These things combined will naturally keep your energy up during the day.

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