How To Get Through Pain To Get To Pleasure.

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As humans, we seek to avoid pain and gravitate towards pleasure. That’s understandable. If we decide to run a marathon, we know in order to have the pleasure of crossing the finish line, we will have to endure the pain of training. So, when the alarm goes off on a rainy winter’s morning at 6am, there is a battle between pain and pleasure.

Do you lie in? Or do you train? Do you have short-term pleasure? Or do you get up and go through short-term pain. Indeed, giving into the short-term pleasure of lie ins may mean the long-term pleasure of your goal is never achieved. This is the battle we fight daily, not just creative projects but in every aspect of life. To succeed you will have to find ways to motivate yourself. Indeed, you will have to win the daily battle between pain and pleasure. In the example of running a marathon, you have to attach more pleasure to crossing that finish line, than the pain of getting out of bed to go training.

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