Is It True That Money Doesn’t Change People?


Having more money won’t make us happy. If we are an arsehole, we will just be a rich arsehole.

If we are a generous and kind person, we will be able to be a bit more generous and just as kind. But true happiness will come from living the life we truly want, and it will give us joy as we work towards that, and designing the path towards becoming that person. From our health, our happiness, our work, our family life, our relationships. The whole caboodle.

Money doesn’t change people. It just magnifies who they already are: if you have a lot of money and you’re mean, then you have more to be mean with; if you have a lot of money and you’re generous, you’ll naturally give more.
Tony Robbins

One Year From Now.

When we go to a train station, we know where we want to go. How about we treat our life with the same focus as we give to a train journey. Now, where do we want to end up this time in 365 days from now? The imagination is a very powerful tool to help dreams happen, but it does need to have a destination in mind. So as difficult as it is may sound, find a piece of paper and write this shit down. Then put that piece of paper in a place where you can view it each day.

One month from now.

Think of a year as 12 building blocks. Like stops on a train journey. If you can break the year down into bite-sized chunks, then the big goal of the year is suddenly much more do-able. So write another piece of paper and say where you are going to be by each month. And as each month passes, you can see where you are. And see if you are on track, or if indeed you are ahead of schedule. Or if you need to up the pace a bit. Small actions when repeated can deliver you to where you want to get to.

Don’t be lukewarm.

Life can be measured in many ways. Yes, there are traditional ways by adding up all your money. But there are other ways. How much fun have you had? That is a great measure of a great life. If you do things that excite you, you will put a huge effort into them. And the likelihood is you will do something that you are proud of, and that will get you noticed. Then you will be asked to do more of that kind of work, which will excite you. So, you will put a lot into it, then that will get you noticed. Then you will be asked to do more of this kind of work. And because it excites you, you keep putting a lot of effort into it. Passion shows up in your work when you show up with passion. Customers can feel it when you feel it first.

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