Our Life Is The Sum Of Our Habits. Ain’t That The Truth?


Habits to kick.

To do your best work, you will have to take account of your habits. Look at your day, look at your work routines, and ask yourself this: How can I raise my standard? Do I write a list the night before on what is most important to achieve tomorrow? Do I allow my inbox to become my to-do list? Do I get distracted by the wonders of the worldwide web? Do I procrastinate too much? Do I say I won’t drink in the week and end up doing the opposite? Do I set myself a target and then never reach it? If you make a contract with yourself, you respect yourself when you start keeping your word.

Habits to nurture.

To do your best work, you will have to adopt a set of habits that allow you to do just that. Start by looking at how much time you spend focused on the areas of your day that will give you the biggest impact. Learn to say “no” to things that are not essential. If you find your phone is a distraction, then quite simply leave it in another room while you are working. The best way to not get tempted by it, is for it to be in another room. Set yourself three things that you want to achieve each day. Most to-do lists are way too long: three is a good number.

And oh, good luck.

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