What Is The Liquid We Need To Survive?


In order to have a good workout, you need to be hydrated.

This means before, during, and after physical activity, you are drinking that magical clear liquid we sometimes take for granted. Being hydrated will improve the quality of your workout, reduce fatigue, and reduce recovery time. Water makes up 75% of your muscles and losing just 2% of your body weight in fluid during exercise can decrease performance by up to 25%.

To be hydrated means your body temperature is regulated, your joints are cushioned, oxygen and nutrients are being transported to your cells, your organs and tissues are protected, and your nitty-gritty waste removal process is taken care of. Water is a resource, a life-source, an energy source, and a vital molecular compound that allows not just humanity to thrive, but all forms of life.

If for some reason, however, all these benefits don’t cut it for you, and you are feeling extra ‘anti-water’, just think about the cosmos and how this amazing clear liquid, that allows you to LIVE, was brought here by asteroids and comets. That’s correct, the liquid you need to survive was sent here from the depths of the galaxy. The next time you see water streaming out of the tap, we give you permission to stand in awe.

(Disclaimer: turn off the tap before immobilised universal wonderment).

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