Why You Need To Hack Your Own Mind.

Future You

This journey is all about mastering you. And to do that you will have to begin to understand the human mind: yours.

You will need to understand why you get fearful or angry. To know why you defer, why you hold back, why you tell yourself you can’t, why you think about money like you do. And what makes you stop thinking that way.

Lots of people go to a gym to make their body stronger. But, our bodies don’t make decisions.

This fitness requires the mastery of our emotions. A daily practice.

We are not balanced when all is calm, we are balanced when the storm is raging and it doesn’t throw us.

When we are in control of our emotions, no harsh words can draw anger. No disagreeable actions can cause upset. The outside world doesn’t dictate how we feel, we do.

He who angers us, conquers us. We have to conquer the emotion that wants to go from calm to angry. Many live in the past, many live in the future. But, those places distract us from right now.

Say thank you for everything. And everybody. Thank your family and your friends. And even your enemies. They have taught you important lessons. Thank them for reminding you how important your values are. Be grateful. Be thankful.

And learn techniques to control your emotions. The mind can be hacked. Anger can be diverted like a road. Learn the tricks. Exhale and smile.

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himelf is mightier still.
Lao Tzu

You wouldn’t watch a Netflix series again and again if it wasn’t good. But, we are very good at dwelling on a harsh word, or an event that happened. And play it over in our minds hundreds of times. No wisdom gained each time. Just more pain.

So, don’t pour salt on the wound. Write a new film. A better film. And watch that. To do the best work we have ever done, we will have to master our emotions.

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