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Chipper Bro Bell
How To Make People Smile Everyday

13X World Freestyle Frisbee Champion, Founder of The Aloha Beach Festival and Surfclass Surf School, Head of Culture at Patagonia

DO USA 2014
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“A Japanese lady once asked me if my name meant happy brother? I said, yes, yes it does.” Chipper Bro. Chipper is the foremost ambassador of stoke, happiness, honesty and perpetual gratitude.

In the late ‘70s, frisbee freestyle was an alternative sport, it was cool. Chipper’s hometown of Santa Barbara was the mecca for freestyle enthusiasts, his passion for frisbee soon became his livelihood and he travelled the World with his team. They became World Champions 13 times and Chipper has been a pro for over 33 years. He has toured with Cheap Trick, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana and the Beach Boys, warming up live crowds of up to 60,000 people.

A passionate surfer, Chip was the first person to skateboard on The Great Wall of China, yep, that actually happened.

Chip now has what he calls a ‘real job’. He’s been greeting people at the front desk of Patagonia’s Ventura headquarters for over 20 years. Initially employed as a switchboard operator even though he had no experience, Chipper started Patagonia’s organic cotton T-shirt division in 1998. He disliked the paperwork associated with leading this division and subsequently returned to the front desk. In this position he elevated the role of brand gatekeeper to high art, providing the same level of care and attention to the teenage job applicant as he did the visiting dignitary.


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