Dan Germain | I Don't Know What I'm Doing


Dan Germain
I Don't Know What I'm Doing

Head of Brand and Creative at Innocent

DO USA 2015
Running time: 34m 06s

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“There is still a duality I think in terms of plan vs no plan.”

Dan is Group Head of Brand and Creative at innocent, the healthy drinks company. He’s worked there since the company started in 1999, and in 2014 was named Designer of the Year in the UK, beating Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive and Sir Paul Smith among others. 

These days his duties include overseeing the creative direction of the brand; everything from ads to products to digital to packaging, right across Europe. He also works in the areas of culture, sustainability, innovation, and ethics, maintaining the brand's most important values, and figuring out where that might take innocent in the next 10/20/50 years.

Creating the tone of voice and the brand culture from scratch are Dan's proudest achievements, and he is still searching for ways to keep the business both useful and interesting.