Dan Germain

Head of Brand and Creative at Innocent

"What may be obvious to you, to someone else feels like witchcraft. Guard that witchcraft and practise it harder and harder."

Dan Germain is a creative, a writer, a designer and can 'do' marketing.

He is best known for having spent almost two decades at Innocent, the healthy drinks company, creating and crafting the tone of voice and the brand culture from scratch. He worked there from when the company started in 1999, and in 2014 was named Designer of the Year in the UK, beating Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive and Sir Paul Smith among others.

Dan is now the Executive Creative Director of the Google Brand Studio in EMEA. And before that (but after innocent), he worked at Apple, leading the Today at Apple team.

Impressive stuff, eh?


I Don't Know What I'm Doing
Dan GermainBusiness
Dan doesn't understand business. He doesn't have any great knowledge. He studied geography so knows about the little ice age. And the collapse of social democracy in Sweden in the late 80s. But none of that has helped him build one of the world's big...
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