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Daniel Epstein
Dream Big(ger)

Unreasonable Entrepreneur  

DO USA 2013
Running time: 33m 42s

Filed in: Social Change


A man who looks daunting in the face and says bring it on!

Daniel fundamentally believes that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues we face today and has dedicated his life accordingly. By the time he received his BA in philosophy, he had already started three ventures.

Daniel is the co-founder of two Boulder-based companies: Tuition Specialists focused on making education more affordable and Unreasonable Adventures, dedicated to conservation & development through eco-tourism.

In the summer of 2008, he co-founded & directed a 5-week institute that brought 17 young, aspiring social entrepreneurs from 14 countries together in Boulder to focus on understanding the global context of the issues we face and to study the skill sets needed to address them. It was out of this program that the Unreasonable Institute burgeoned.

If you can’t find Daniel working in a local coffee shop he’s likely running along the foothills with the love of his life (his dog Kaya).


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