Gerd Leonhard | The Journey From Egosystem To Ecosystem


Gerd Leonhard
The Journey From Egosystem To Ecosystem

Futurist, Global Keynote Speaker and Thinker

DO Wales 2010
Running time: 21m 43s

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In the past, companies worked on their own. But in the future, the ego will have to be forgotten. The future for companies is to collaborate.

Gerd Leonhard is a well-known Futurist and Author of 5 books, a highly influential Keynote Speaker, Think-Tank Leader & Advisor, the Founder of GreenFuturists and the Creator / Host of The Future Show. 

Gerd also serves as Visiting Professor at the Fundação Dom Cabral in São Paulo, Brazil.

He is well-known as the Co-author of the influential book ‘The Future of Music’ and as the author of ‘The End of Control’, ‘Music 2.0’, ‘Friction is Fiction’ and ‘The Future of Content’.

Gerd is considered a leading expert on topics such as the future of humanity, big data and privacy, digitally native business models, the networked society, a sustainable business ecology, social media, social business and So-Lo-Mo communications, TV & Radio futures, mobile strategies, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, consumer trends, UGC and peer production, copyright and IPR issues, next-generation advertising, marketing and branding, and more recently the development of ‘green futures‘ scenarios.