Hilary Gallo | Hacking Your Fears


Hilary Gallo
Hacking Your Fears

Author and Fear Hacker Expert

DO Wales 2019
Running time: 22m 25s

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“Fear is already programmed into the sat nav of the soul. The soul wants to take you there. It’s never scared, it’s never been scared. It’s the ego that’s petrified, the ego wants to protect you and hold you secure. If you listened to the ego a lot of the time you wouldn't get out of bed because it wants you to stay the same.”

How can fear be a friend? Hilary is the author of “The Power of Soft” a guide to getting what you want and “Fear Hack” an approach to fear from a new angle. He used to be a lawyer, a negotiator and a business executive until he decided to do what he really loved. He faced his fears and quit only to find out that he had more fears than he realised and they kept chasing him about. What loves getting to the heart of problems and seeing an entirely different way through them. He now enables creative leaders to solve their problems. For the past couple of years has been running Fear Hack workshops alongside his main work as a coach for a range of clients from big media organisations, talking to people about what scares them and helping them to work through their fears.


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