Indy Johar | Do It For (y)ourself


Indy Johar
Do It For (y)ourself

Architect and Policy Researcher

DO Wales 2011
Running time: 18m 21s

Filed in: Social Change


Inspiring talk from Indy Johar. How to build a community around things. How do we go from ‘I’ to ‘We’. Big ideas. Challenging ideas.

Indy Johar is a qualified architect & policy researcher. He is a director of the global Hub network, co-founder of Hub Makelab – a supportive eco-system for social startups.

He co-founded 00:/ [zer’o zer’o] in 2005, a design strategy practice focused on catalysing change in our cities, towns and neighbourhoods through a fusion of physical and institutional interventions.

Projects range from the scale of low-carbon homes, developing a new class of learning institutions, to community-led neighbourhood retrofits and ‘mass collaborative’ community master plans.

Indy has taught and lectured at various institutions from Columbia University New York to Said Business School Oxford.


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