James Victore | You Only Have Teachers


James Victore
You Only Have Teachers

Author, Artist and Designer

DO Wales 2019
Running time: 19m 36s

Filed in: Creativity


“I was presented with a choice. I can do as others do; I can do as you do; I could run from the pain and I could let that pain make my life smaller every day, every week, every year as most do. Or I could understand that this pain is my teacher and I need to face it, I need to address it on a daily base, on an hourly base and become bigger stronger every day, every week, every year. You too are presented with a choice.”

He is the Tony Robbins of creativity. He is a firestarter. And the fire he wants to start is in you. He’s an artist and designer whose aim is to help you find your voice, doing wow work and building a life that inspires will devastate your limits. And show you how to win. Recently described as “part Darth Vader, part Yoda,” James is widely known for his timely wisdom and impassioned views about design and it’s placed in the world. His work is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide. His new book ‘Feck Perfuction’ has become a design best-seller.