Jerri Chou | Attention, Intention, Presence


Jerri Chou
Attention, Intention, Presence

Founder of Feast

DO USA 2016
Running time: 25m 40s

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"We are never going to fix anything until we heal each other."

Jerri’s purpose is to create experiences that help people realise they’re part of something greater. A facilitator, artist, and healer, she draws on over 10 years of experience in convening, experience design, and purpose-based innovation and foresight to spearheaded pioneering projects and companies for the last 15 years.

Named one of Fast Company's 100 most creative people, she is the founder of The Feast; a premier innovation convening that has sparked a global movement. Since 2008, The Feast has hosted everyone from the CEO of MTV to NASA, facilitated over 600 events around the globe and sparked new ventures and campaigns.


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