Justin Drake | How To Change The World With Bitcoin


Justin Drake
How To Change The World With Bitcoin

Bitcoin Entrepreneur

DO Wales 2015
Running time: 20m 36s

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“Time has 3 components. Past, present and future. The key property of the past is that it's immutable, it's fixed, you can't change it. The key property of the present is that it's open to all, it's a shared experience, it's ubiquitous. The key property of the future is that it's bound to happen, you can't stop it. It’s exactly the same with Bitcoin.”

Justin Drake is a Bitcoin entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionise payments. He has been in a state of constant nerdhood even before his years as a maths student at Cambridge.

Recently leaving his rewarding job as an electronics consultant to join the ranks of Bitcoin entrepreneurs. He is now supported by Anthemis Group to delve into the world of finance and turn his business idea into reality.

Today, Justin is focused on the consequences of the unexpected 2008 breakthrough in computer science that led to the creation of the world's first 'trustless' computational database, Bitcoin.

There is much more to the idea of Bitcoin than you might think. Trustless computers (such as Ethereum) come with strong guarantees mimicking properties of time in our own universe. This power, in the hands of a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs, has the potential to fulfil the vision of finally bringing finance to the digital age.