Ling Ling Phung | Love Overcomes Probabilities


Ling Ling Phung
Love Overcomes Probabilities

Innovation Jedi at Two Lings

DO Wales 2019
Running time: 23m 13s

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“When you are an immigrant, what you are trying to do is get out of where you are now. You need to lift up out of where you are now, and take your family with you.”

Ling is a social innovation strategist for developing and emerging markets with 15 years of strategy experience including new market entry, incubation, and business model creation across the public and private sector. What she does best is bringing focus and clarity to the work of purpose-led innovation.

Most of her work is grounded on the two core rituals in her life: a morning yoga practice, and a yearly silent meditation retreat, where she disappears into the wild for a full week of quietude.


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