Nick Jaffe | A Different Way of Doing Things


Nick Jaffe
A Different Way of Doing Things

Ocean voyager, Co-founder of Serversaurus and Electron Workshop

DO Australia 2014
Running time: 21m 52s

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Autonomy, independence, environmentalism, and taking a different approach are the things that drive Nick. Many twenty-somethings fly home after a sojourn in Europe. Not Nick, he sailed solo from Europe to Australia: despite having never sailed before.

Nick Jaffe lives in Melbourne, Australia, with keen interests in independent small business; meaningful living; decentralisation; freedom; aloneness; creativity; voyaging; filmmaking and wildness. Yup, he loves them all. As of today, he has over 45,000 kilometres of water under his keel, through mostly solitary crossings of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in small boats, primarily alone. A 94-minute feature-length film on these voyages was produced by Berlin filmmaker Jack Rath in 2012.

Nick is also the co-founder of green web hosting company Serversaurus and Electron Workshop coworking space in North Melbourne. He enjoys micro-philanthropy and is in the Melbourne chapter of the Awesome Foundation.


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