Rosa Park | 4 Pieces Of Wisdom From The Editor Of The Iconic Cereal Magazine


Rosa Park
4 Pieces Of Wisdom From The Editor Of The Iconic Cereal Magazine

Publishes and Edits Cereal Magazine

Running time: 17m 25s

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Publisher and editor of Quarterly Travel and Lifestyle Magazine of Cult Cereal Magazine launched in 2012. They launched with a print run of 3,000 copies. Today it has grown to 25,000 copies sold in 45 different countries and is sold in great shops and museums around the world. They have launched ‘Guided’ which is a collection of online city guides. In her talk she shares 4 key pieces of advice: 1, No two people are ever the same, so your work will always be original. 2, Your career does not define you. 3, Never Apologise, Never Explain. 4, You can only connect the dots looking back. An insightful talk from an editor of one of the most beautifully curated and designed magazines in the world today. Print is alive and well.

Born in Seoul, Korea, raised in Vancouver, Canada, and educated in Boston and New York, U.S.A., Rosa Park is a keen traveller and enthusiastic writer who publishes and edits Cereal Magazine: a quarterly travel and lifestyle publication based in Bristol, UK. Under the Cereal umbrella, she’s recently launched GUIDED – a collection of bespoke, online travel guides which allows its readers to see the world from Cereal’s perspective – as well as a creative agency that builds and develops the brand identity and marketing strategy. Prior to Cereal, Rosa worked in luxury fashion and beauty marketing in New York.


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