Sean Carasso | How To Fight A War With A Whistle?


Sean Carasso
How To Fight A War With A Whistle?

Founder of Falling Whistles

DO Wales 2012
Running time: 29m 46s

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“I don't how you whistle blow or what that thing is for you. But I would ask that you would use that thing because what is possible today was not five years ago.”

When Sean arrived in the Congo, he found a country in the grips of one of the worlds deadliest wars. A war where child soldiers were sent to the front line armed with only a whistle. Sean listened to the soldiers' stories and shared them with the outside world because that was all he could do. The stories spread around the world and the campaign Falling Whistles began.

An avid adventurer, Sean travelled the world with John Paul Dejoria and with every step wanted to see more. In 2008 he went to South Africa on a Shoe Drop and then headed north into the Democratic Republic of Congo. There he learned of children sent to the front lines of war, armed with only a whistle.

That night he wrote a small journal entry, Falling Whistles. The journal was forwarded around the world and he woke up to thousands of emails asking; what can we do? The Falling Whistles campaign was born with a simple response – make their weapon your voice and be a whistleblower for peace.

Out of a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, Falling Whistles has partnered with local leaders in Congo to rehabilitate children and is creating a global coalition for peace in our world’s deadliest war.