Sean Taylor | Turning Heritage On Its Head


Sean Taylor
Turning Heritage On Its Head

Founder of Adventure Playground Zip World

DO Wales 2019
Running time: 21m 41s

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“It’s not the money we’ve made it’s how we’ve developed our staff.”

Sean Taylor was born and bred in the Conwy Valley, around 10 miles from Penrhyn Quarry, then spent 22 years jumping out of planes and throwing himself down zip lines as a Royal Marines Commando. After years of leaping from aircraft, trekking through jungles and dropping into war zones, the time came for a change. When he retired from Britain’s armed forces in 2004, a desk job was never going to be a satisfactory substitute. So, Taylor decided to replicate the thrill-seeking aspects of his career in a safe and fun environment for everyone to enjoy – from the ages of three to 99.


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