Tess and Graham Payne | Welcome Home


Tess and Graham Payne
Welcome Home

Payne’s Hut Hosts

DO Australia 2014
Running time: 16m 55s

Filed in: Social Change


How a second chance at love, a pact to follow each other’s dreams, and a passion for hospitality, community, and the Aussie landscape, combined to build a bridge from a land of no hope to a land of plenty for this engaging and inspiring couple.

How do two city slickers come to live and thrive in an isolating, harsh, challenging, picturesque, remote environment in Australia?

Tess and Graham came from backgrounds including theatre costume design, owning a café, contemporary dancing, and as a horse and cart tour operator. Over the decades, they have built the property Payne’s Hut to be a relaxing oasis. Look up and you realise everything you see was created by their hands. It’s a tribute to their hard work, the local area and Australia.

It seems easy for Tess and Graham to share fascinating local and worldly wisdom about care, generosity, building community and empowering others.

And in between using their spades and hammers, they’ve co-created DO Lectures Australia.


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