Chris Sheldrick

Co-founder of what3words

“We want to make the world a more efficient, less frustrating and safer place because that’s all the ways addresses impact peoples lives.”

Frustration with international addresses and postcodes was an everyday part of life in the music business and led Chris and 2 friends to formulate the concept of what3words.

What3words is a global address system that names every 3m square in the world with a unique 3-word address

Alongside its successful consumer app and website, what3words' technology is integrated with over 100 partner apps and services around the world, available in over 10 languages and scaling rapidly.


Common Language Of Location
Chris SheldrickTechnology
Chris Sheldrick used to work in the music industry, organising live events around the world. He quickly discovered that getting lost trying to find events was pretty common. He had some pretty bad days, like in Italy, when a driver unloaded all the...
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