Jessica Wiegand

"We are all human. We are all somewhat blinkered by our own unique perspectives."

An unexpected company director. Always torn between security and adventure, always fuelled by wilderness, kindness and love.

Jessica is, in short, a researcher of people. Employees and their interactions with their workplaces - the culture, their general experience, their well-being, their motivations and sense of belonging. Leaders and line managers and their interactions with the people they lead. Civilians and their perceptions of their environment, and their experiences.

She believes that when it comes to people, there are no shortcuts. That we are all shaped by different experiences and values, upbringings and friendship circles, genetic quirks and emotional triggers. That we don't learn to manage people. We learn to manage ourselves in relation to other people.


4 min read
In Praise Of The Ordinary Life.
Jessica WiegandFuture You
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