Katherine Templar Lewis

Human and Cognitive Scientist

Katherine is a human and cognitive scientist, her expertise rests in the intersection of neuroscience and behavioural psychology, and their creative and real-world applications. As one of the UK’s leading edge-thinkers, her rebel approach to science has been called “radically optimistic” by New Scientist. Through work with research institutions such as UCL and Goldsmiths, her work seeks to translate neuroscience into the real world through creative projects and interdisciplinary collaborations. An experienced science communicator she brings cutting edge science to life transforming it into a creative intelligence that can drive impact.

She is co-founder of the women-led neuroaesthetic studio Kinda Studios and lead scientist on the radical interactive documentary The Uncertainty Experts. She is the co host of the touching neuroscience exploring our senses, Beyond 5 (Audible US), and is excited for her first book Do You to be out in your hands in September. She regularly appears as a science and technology expert across a range of media including Sky, BBC, NBC, CNN, The TODAY show, RadioX & Radio 4. She also contributes to VICE and The Huffington Post. She is always talking, or writing, but more recently she is learning to listen too.


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