Katy Jeremko

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at re:3D

“What we wanted to do was create functional things. Items for the human scale.”

Katy is a UI / UX / Product Expert.

In early 2013, she co-founded re:3D, maker and manufacturer of the world’s first affordable toilet-sized 3D printer — Gigabot. The business participated in Start-Up Chile generation 6 and executed a successful $250k Kickstarter campaign.

While working on her undergraduate degree, she served as Designer in Residence at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and associate EIR for Syracuse University’s Student Sandbox.

Coupling her interest in building things, Katy is an advocate for Open-Source hardware, software, and the democratization of design. Katy holds a Bachelors of Industrial and Interaction Design, alongside a degree in Information Technology from Syracuse University 2014.


Impossible Is Possible
Katy JeremkoTechnology
Katy wanted to be an astronaut when she was little. She has worked for NASA and now designs 3D printers, harnessing her engineering skills and her empathetic nature. This talk demonstrates the physical solutions that technology can provide to every...
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