Peter Segger

Compost Expert and Owner of Blaencamel Farm

Peter is one of Britain’s organic pioneers.

Since 1974, he has owned and run a 45-acre farm in West Wales producing organic fruits and vegetables for a box scheme, local farmers and shops. In the 1980’s he founded Organic Farm Foods, which is now the largest specialist supplier of organic fresh produce in the UK

Over that time, Peter has learnt to listen to the soil. He has learnt what it needs are, when he can take from the land and when he can’t. He has learnt how to feed the soil so it feeds him and his customers. And he has learnt to do this without fertilisers and at the same time creating a negative carbon footprint.

Peter sits on the Board of Directors for the Sustainable Food Trust.


It's All About The Soil
Peter SeggerEnvironment
Can we listen to the soil? Can we think about its needs as well as our own? Can we learn to feed the soil as well as us? 30 years of farming can teach us how.
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