Tyrone Poole

Founder of NoAppFee.com

“I learnt about technology. I learnt it could do some amazing things.”

For this creative thinker, a career setback became a life-changer.

Tyrone wanted to be a firefighter but during a training accident, he suffered a debilitating injury that cost him his dream, his health and nearly his life. He eventually found himself homeless, living in a shelter and volunteering to help find housing for homeless families.

Tyrone identified a multi-million-dollar problem while living in a homeless shelter. With more than 200,000 children in shelters across America on any given day, Tyrone decided to do something about it and started NoAppFee.com.

NoAppFee eliminates all housing applications with the single click of a button. Within two years Tyrone became one of Oregon’s most promising entrepreneurs with investors lined up to back him.


Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight
Tyrone PooleTechnology
In this talk Tyrone Poole gives us the raw version of his life after a life-changing accident. He had always been successful, and yet he ended up in a homeless shelter. However this was just the start of his whole new journey.
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